Friday, October 26, 2007

my day n night at KATEN in my dad's village :)

this is KATEN SEASON i was told that my grandma made first KATEN of dis season in her's so impressive :)

Cuz my parents r not in de country during dis time so i came to my Grandma's KATEN as de representative of my Family :)

At first i thought it was gonna b hard since m alone, though some helpful ppl accompanied me, m stil not comfortable.. But it turned out great n fun.. Plus i learnt alot bout wat is KATEN like.Ppl in my grandma village r so helpful n friendly..some kids here r also so funny.. n they asked me y i am so beautiful.. Ha.. Actually m not.. Guess cuz i dress sth different from them dat's all..oh young ppl in dis village r so naturally beautiful too.. Their skins r so smooth though not so bright :) but they r really charming .. REALLY!

Ah.. I guess m stil not comfortable.. Now m using internet from my phone to write dis post.. Look! I slept at around 11pm then i got up at 1am n i couldn't b asleep again.. So i just walked around de house to see de view at night,

Night time in de village is so bright like in de early morning.. though it's just 1 or 2am, it looks like 4 or 5am already.. It's so quiet n bright makes de views r so beautiful..i tried to look for firefly but couldn't find one.. Mayb it doesn't come out in de rainy reason.

But i couldn't sleep for a whole.. I listened to my fav songs n played internet in my phone.. n killing my phone battery ha.. Sometimes i think bout ghosts..but m not scared cuz it says GOOD PERSON GHOST DOESN'T HAUNT :D lolz.. Somehow i miss my beloved one so much ha.. Ok ok.. Who asks!

By de way.. Dis is so embarrassed to say but m seriously hungry now mayb i ate too little at de evening :(

Ok.. Miss u all
I'l update my blog regularly so don complain baby :)


Ms. K said...

eh. do u stil remember once Ketya said "Oh the moon is so beautiful!" Then you said "it's nothing". now that you know it really is!!!! lolz....

don't miss me? Ok fine!!! :p

Botum Pich said...

Hi Leeda,

I found your blog when I search for blogs in Phnom Penh area.

You have very good English and good description. When I read your post, I see the view in front of my eyes.

You are an active young lady. Go on what you are doing. I wish teenagers in Cambodia can go on the good way like you.