Wednesday, May 21, 2008

At Kompheak's house warming party


The party was fun esp. the dancing part.
I personally felt like being superstar at that moment cuz there were many people outside watching us while we did the dance hehe...Another thought might be that they thought we were weirdly cool॥ ;) ha

Oh anyway .. wish Kompheak the best for his trip

Accomplish his study with the flying color.

Back home healthily and even more brilliant .

From good friend lee da :)


Kalyan said...

wow u look so pretty dear! love ur hair *_*

Phossdey said...

Interesting, Lida! You look gorgeous with your lovely hair do and pretty dress. Wish I were there too. ^_^

lee da said...

Ha.. Remember wat v all like to say "post only de pretty pic" dat's y every pic is cute here ;)

SAMBO Samphors said...

i think i sent comment to a wrong post haha... again, love your hair.