Sunday, June 22, 2008

Playing Bowling

a whole screw.

Nay looked like star who endorsed a Drink as she carries that bottle. So cute..
The Zenja should pay her fro dis.. हेहे
My lovely brother
Arrogant BOTT,J/K
actually he is very nice
I want to let a whole wide world to know that i'm very thankful for his treat dinner after bowling

Very Enjoyable as usual...
we also have dinnner together.
and Bott brought the idea of betting on Football , who lose the bet will pay the next bowling around,haha..

Bet between the match ITALY VS SPIAN

SO which one you think will be the winner of the match ???

I , my brother and Lika's sister chose SPAIN

Bott, Nay, and LIka chose ITALY

Wait and see the result.........???