Monday, September 29, 2008

Adventure in Singapore 25/09/08

Esplanade : I missed the show :(

Can you see me in there ? haha

I love big buildings and beautiful light.

Resting from along walk in front of Singapora Plaza.

in CD shop. taking photo with Chou Jia Lun..hehe

this handsome & Cool man is my brother .

with Mr. Mcdonald.

In Subway station : MRT with Yan Lika. It was fun everywhere & Anytime.

...with Tin, near Merlion.

I want to ride singapore flyer...

too much walking made me couldn't smile...

Walking from Esplanade to Merlion...

Infront of Suntec Mall.


Phossdey said...

Looks like someone has a very good time!!!! Jealous with the three girls. hirk hirk hirk

lee da said...

haha... have good time everywhere neng!!