Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pre-Wedding Photo Session

are we matched?
who dare to say not? I doubt...hehe
He looked naughty!!! Geeeeee

Taken by my phone camera.
I know I looked B.O.R.A.N

can't you recognize me?
cuz usually I look ack ack...
I guess some of my friends know I'm just a camera lover only lolz
But I don't like the fact that my face looked whiter than my body
my makeup specialist said It was ok but now I want to tell her "I doubt her skill?!!!"
somehow she was nice to me by letting me playing around with my $ and Den :D
So I had so much fun during this photo taking session.

I love these pic so much though my DAD said NO!!!!!!!!!!!!(shout)

Finally We've come back to the serious photo shot again ...
actually we could play around because the photo taker went to have lunch and left us starved there..
so we have to play around to help us forgetting hunger.. It worked:) and we had fun.

We had taken photo since 10am til 3 pm , impressively without lunch.
total number of shots is 80 shots.
But we selected to print are only 11shots
after several hours of consideration lolzzzzzz


Phossdey said...

This is stunning, Leeda! You look absolutely gorgeous in every single shot. You are matched couple. ^_^

I must admire you and Luyna for keep smiling beautifully for such long hour processing!

TD said...

Hey there, lovely couple. U look so gorgeous. I like the one with ya both thumps up. cool..that one is the real Leeda i Know..

Congratulation once again!