Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sweet Honeymoon Trip to China

when I'm tired .... I'm like this ..

Lonely and waiting....

I like the night in Shuzou, cuz it's still orange-bright.. like city of light
so beautiful and cold!

I talked to this man and promise him i have to be hardworking like him..hehe

pinky rabbit! don no where to go.....?!

Birdnest Stadium.... so there you are !!Finally I found you
my main resaon to Beijing is to see and touch This beautiful Birdnest Lolz

at night the inside of birdnest are so red all over too bad couldn't grab the chance to take pic
cuz car drove too fast that time.. esp i missed taking pictureture of Water Cube(chinese national swimming pool center)

Fog is all over .. yet i wear simple shirt.. even i smile actually really cold all over my body...
I have to run and walk very fast to sweat out
so it helps me to stand still...and smile beautifully like this

sunny ! so bright that i couldn't open my eyes..

Here is my Warmth! hehe.. yet he looked bored

Windy !.. then sunny .. then cold .. Beijing weather is changing instantly.. hard to adopt
yet Interesting...But not gonna go again haha

baby ! finally you could smile out....hehe another rare photo !

Feeling strong like a Queen in this photo ! look what behind me..Haha

Look like new warrior when m standing like this ..so brave and cute!!hehe
they say there are holy swords in that lack.. wanna check it out!!
I feel like "what the heck of telling dis cuz i couldn't see it anyway ..just water.. lolz"


Phossdey said...

So lovely LeeDa!!!!!!! Jealous nas ... hehehehe

LPP said...

This looks great! But most pictures are yours :P Lovely taing pi nak, btw :)