Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Swimming and Dining with friends (^__^)

(30.08.09) Sunday 30th, August 2009

Pictures can tell thousand words.

Sweet Couple , I've never seen. Love them.

ah! here again.. my forever style. V

drinking Pink Lady & having fun.

we all look cool , just forget to see our table .
Give me five style.

Just spent 32$ for swimming only 20mn then rain come.
they asked us to leave cuz they afraid of lightening.
so we tried to make use of Himawari Campus to compensate the loss lolz

Our own styles.
M behind hope people see..
Maybe I'm influenced from Kalyan for liking sunflower so much now.

Cheer for Sunday.

In Himawari Lobby room i guess.
this is just our style of posing.

Our sweet ladies and a gentle man.

Our take-a-toast time.
drinking Pink Lady and trying to appreciate the taste
It actually not a normal cocktail Pink Lady , cuz I ordered the least alcoholic one.
cuz next day is working day :)
Nearyroath afraid of late getting up tomorrow Mayb her boss is tough.. ha

Drinking Pink Lady^^ It was my idea to order it..
I called it Pink Sra.

"Ladies & Gentlemen in the mirror" quote from Pheak .
It's Neariroath 's idea to take photo from the reflection of mirror
Indeed we had lots of fun for trying to make the photo clear (no shaking).
we have done many takes.

M blessed to have many good friends around^^
whenever m with them , all my stresses, sadness .. gone away and disappear

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Phossdey said...

Eya looking so much fun dol heoy! Jong tov der ... hehehehe