Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Sweet Valentine Story

on 14th Feb morning , I got up late , around 10am.
Somehow Honey said he was hungry so I took him to have brunch at my friends restaurant Nosh.
We simply felt no sense of Valentine(don't care about valentine), cuz our feeling is overshadowed by Chinese New Year.
but when we were at the Rest. there were only 4 guests (2couples including us).
Honey kept complaining to me about bringing him to quiet restaurant, the mood at that time was so clumsy and annoying. However we already parked the car so just went in.
the couple who already in the restaurant so sweet to each other , they sat side by side intimately.
by just watching them, I could sent some Valentines.
We've sit there for awhile , then the girl worked at the Rest. gave my honey a pink seeing me wearing pink shirt (I just worn pink shirt by chance) and asked honey to give me that flower, but honey didn't bother . He said if i want take it mmyself. I guess he still felt annoyed over quiet restaurant. so I talked alot with him to make him feel abit noisy and refreshed .

I asked "have u ever loved someone at first

sight ?" honey answered immediately "You!!!"

>> I was floating and impressed ..

Then he said "just said it to make u happy !!" :[

I guess he still felt annoyed.
It's very hard to make a man, old man. Happy . haha..

that's how It ended.

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LPP said...

Funny in a way hehe...