Saturday, February 26, 2011

What women really want?

A report that has shocked some and confirmed the suspicions of others suggests Western women are more determined than ever to bag a partner who will improve their final financial prospects.

Despite years of campaigning for equality and advances made by the fairer sex in the workplace, most women prefer to marry a man who earn more money than they do and would stay at home to look after the children if they could afford it, according to a new survey published by the London School of Economics.

Female aspirations to marry a man who is better educated and commands a higher salary than themselves persist in most European countries, according the report’s author, Catherine Hakim, a senior research fellow in sociology. No stranger to controversy, Hakim last year coined the neologism “erotic capital”- a combination of physical and social attractiveness – to describe the key professional attribute of our times.

The sociologist has also claimed that more women are choosing to “marry up” by picking wealthy men as their spouses than in the 1940s.

credited : Southeast Asia Globe , Feb 2011

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