Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My favorite foods

It has been very hard for me to decide on what I want to eat as my appetite isn't stable. It's good that I'm not the type of eating much when I'm single so my shape remains cool . However it isn't good when I still don't feel like eating anything when I'm already 27weeks pregnant. So far I've only gained 7kg for my almost 7months pregnancy , this is a serious concern. Though I regularly take vitamins & drink juices , I believe my little baby inside needs wide rang of other vitamins too . So I come up with idea of viewing pictures of foods to help me burn passion to eat & find my appetite back. Sadly, not everything in these pic that I can eat-- some of them are pregnancy prohibitions - But it's ok :) it's not hard for me to abstain from eating :) the only hardest thing I find myself very very hard to abstain is Coffee Latte :'( so it's picture isn't included here cuz it's too painful to look at.

Collecting pictures of foods has been my interest & it attempts to be for personal use only as most of the pic I took here are taken by phone-camera.The reason I start taking photo of foods because I want to remember what foods are tasty , freaky,& nightmare haha.. These photos also tell the date & place I see or eat those foods -- ah! Thanks to the new technology of iPhone ^^ this is cool & convenient.

Today I'm too free so I decide to share all these pictures with friends in case they also need help to boast their appetites ^^ also show them my great efforts of collecting all these so far ^^ Enjoy it !!

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Phossdey said...

Hey, 7kg is fine! Some people put a lot of weight but some dont. You should feel lucky about this coz you would not be too worry of losing it once the baby comes out. The food are just so tempting!