Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ultrasound vs Reslity

ultrasound today can let u see how ur baby look like since she is in ur tummy at 8 or 9 months of pregnancy, which is really cool.
Yet , seeing how my baby looks like in advance like this have burnt my passion even more & I really can't wait for my due date to come .

Anyway, To me , I feel Nalyn that I see in the ultrasound is really close to the real Nalyn that come out. I believe every parents anxiously want to know what their baby look like when baby come out, look like dad or mom. However I personally think all baby look pretty similar to one another at birth that normally we can't tell who she looks like during the first 3 months. And as she will grow up and change respectively . However what I'm perfectly exact about is that whatever I'm not gonna spoil her.

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