Monday, April 15, 2013

Shopping for Khmer New Year 2557

Daddy is taking baby same time playing his phone . never mind! He is bored waiting for super shopper mommy. ^^"

It's rarely for us ( Danalyn & Mommy ) got approval from daddy to go shopping all together . Cuz normally Daddy find it unbearable to wait for Mommy's shopping.

Daddy said " I can't stand anymore , please go home wifey & ur baby is unmanageable now Please!! "

We've got 14 items & it's surprisingly 106$ for all. Many discount cute clothes for Baby.

It's summer , baby needs new clothes to survive through this season
My poor little girl , cuz she is too skinny for her age , hard to find fit clothes :'(

Daddy always attempts to buy Watch & knife , but unable to decide which one exactly , and mommy never support him to buy since these two things are expensive yet useless in Mommy's point of view

Mommy also get sth for herself .
In the summer season like this & since Baby comes, it's very had for mommy to dress fashionably, always can wear comfortable & simple pants & t-shirt.

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