Thursday, November 22, 2007

interesting dairy :)

my mom is going to VN cuz afraid of traffic jam so c got up since 4.30 thinking c could get there fast. I also got up at 4.30 to see her off n help wit her luggage :) then i back to sleep but i couldn't fall asleep at all :( ...ha.. U must curious wat i did during de time i didn't sleep.. well.. I watched tv there was a good taiwanese drama on tv titled "Prince Turns into Frog" it's so funny.

It's de dawn now, I looked out of de window n i thought it would be great if i could see sunrise since today managed to get up early wit refreshing good mood :) so i called my friend..first at 6.30am then no answer , later at 7.09 i called again stil no answer :'( ..well it's understandable he must be in slumber :) hope he enjoy his sleep well ..no1 is like me doing sth without plan i deserve it :(

Eh.. Actually last night i also called him but v couldn't talk..i wanted to tell him bout my plan too.. I wanted to suggest a breakfast plan, then drive around to see de view along riverside , de preparation for water festival..also i wanto 2book place 4dinner.. But it's impossible now :( m a bit sad..cuz ketya also promised to join i expected it would be really enjoyable..

However i must be logical, more considerate.. Last night he joined a wedding party he must be tired :)

Somehow lately i feel like m so troublesome to dis friend. I always make mistakes.. It seems like i disturb him alot.. :( i regret calling him last night i shouldn't call..he no exactly wat he thinks n want.. So his decision is more accurate..

Actually i stil have many other frs ketya, lika, sore, thun, seth, bang phy, n bang cheat , bott , keveang n many more.. But ketya cant out in de morning te.. C has to work even water festival Poor her!

However i think dis morning i'l have breakfast alone at Dom Rey ,ah..i've been wanting to go there, i so love de Omelette there is so delicious :D ..

Basically eating alone means v can save alot n eat fast.. Also look so Cool! Also it improves maturity ha...

... Ah i feel like i ran out me idea to write.. mmm.. So hungry.. I'l do little exercise then go to wash up , then dress beautifully to go out..

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SAMBO Samphors said...

I hate eating alone lolz... but i think i should learn to be mature hehehe...