Monday, December 17, 2007

Mission #1

~17th monday worked in K.thom
~18th tuesday worked at K.cham
~19th wednesday worked at Prey Veng
~20th thursday worked in Svay Reang
~21th friday Going back to Phnom Penh :)

Now m in Fm 102 relay station.
-->There was a Big dam called "Tom nob steung Ji nith", was created no 1st January during Pol Pot regime. It's very big dam,there r 3levels.. Many ppl go to swim there..i joked to call it "free swimming pool"..i really wanted to swim but i didn't bring swimming suit.

--> i downed to work in 2schools. De schol principal complimented our good show, n students gave positive comments to my show. Remarkably , they told me i spoke fast on air. I told then dis makes unique.. Ha.. Wel i promised to slow down somehow.

-->the 2high schools i went to today r very beautiful. There r big trees which block de whole campus from de sunlight.. Another there r many table tennis, 4table tennis in de campus n one big Basketball field n football.

Msg 2my friends : i miss you so much.. Esp my bowling Friends.. I'l call u guys 2play bowling once i get home :)

-->Msg 2my beloved one : i'l not order wrong dish anymore. Miss U !


SAMBO Samphors said...

can't wait to go home and play bowling with you ^_^

PS. ey kor sweet mess alov dada?

domrei said...

Seriously, may I join in your bowling?

lee da said...

Seriously u can join :) .. Bowling place is de public place, just pay n u can play as long as u like..

Play wit my group is really enjoyable too.. Too bad i don no how to contact u :)

domrei said...

:-) I want to play with your group because your group seem friendly and fun. I can't give my number on this page. Any suggestion?

Ms. K said...

don u miss me? :(

domrei said...

Hi! Please include me as one of your friends. Here's my blog site:

Thank you!

Black Coffee

Thona said...

Hi! Talkative girl,
It's quit good on your blog doing something interesting.