Monday, December 10, 2007

My First Retreat Picture

Usually when v hear bout Kompong Som, it comes along with the view of Beach
So i don post the pic at the beach this is sth new..
Me with Bang Sokha at the Workshop of the Retreat.

Me with Bang Thony on tht top of Wat Leu mountain.

standing on this mountain , We can see the whole Shinanouk Ville

especially we can watch a very beautiful sunset.

I must go there with my bf someday ;) .

my photographic skill must b improved now.. it's supposed to be more beautiful than dis.

Oh ! this is the beautiful sunset i watched with all my colleagues.

oh!! this is me.. haha.. i couldn't find a better pose...

i even didn't plan to take pic like dis but my colleague called for the pose.

Wow!! they r so creative.. i took this pic for them.

actually there are many more funny pic but haha.. i dare not to pose cuz it's a bit nasty..

Anyway in short, this retreat was great :) such a refreshing.

.: End :.


Phossdey said...

that's a beautiful place and i love the photos!

SAMBO Samphors said...

love the sunset lah...