Monday, October 11, 2010

My day at Playground.

It was the last day of Pchum Ben 2010. I and family planing to go to Tmor Roung , the waterfall, but cuz we heard that there were too many people there that couldn't even find place to park car, so we turned direction to Picnic Resort, at the flank mountain.
It wasn't much to call resort, but the food was pretty good, and the best part of this resort is playground and climbing the mountain.

The weather wasn't good that day, so stiff and hot..
So I ride on the swing to get some wing and
It is my favorite since i was young :)

My cute niece , she is 5 years old and she can do a lot of thing, i guess she is smart ^^
She is very active...
and likes adventure.

Another Niece , name Mei Mei, she is just almost 2years , she is on my lap.
And she doesn't like to be with me haha..
maybe cuz I don't know how to carry her properly.
Give me some more time dear..

Swing Swing Swing..... S...w...i...n...g !

I'm recharged after good lunch ^^ ready to climb the mountain.

It was almost raining so couldn't climb the mountain.. so I climbed on this instead. ha...

Honey is making his face like this again ... t o.. Me.

Honey and brother climbed the mountain while we all enjoyed eating.
Obviously, they skipped lunch.
They said the view was impressively beautiful.

I told her to look at her uncle, My honey.
Honey is resting after climbing the mountain .

With my in law family .

Me with my new glasses , purple glasses.

.. so the night come.

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Phossdey said...

How did you get that lizard on the moon? It freaks me out. hahaha anyway, you really enjoyed the playground!