Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Reporting News from Hanoi 17th ASEAN SUMMIT


In Hanoi , Vietnam

Hosted by Vietnam

I need to have Permission Cards to enter NCC (National Convention Center) .
One is for ASEAN BIS and Investment Summit and another one is for Press .

National Convention Center of Hanoi.

The security was carefully and strictly checked before the arrival of ASEAN heads of states and Important Delegates.

Sometimes while waiting for interviews, I looked at this all these picture and made me feel so much relaxing and re-restrenghened .

The Media Center for Reporter and Press Conference .
Where I was most sitting and writing my stories.

The last day of Summit, I wanted to take some photos for good memory there :)

While I was waiting to see Head of states of ASEAN coming for the Welcoming Gala dinner .

Sometimes I had to walk around to talk to other journalists ,to explore new issues being discussed ,and search for my delegates and ask for info.
This is a very challenging task and adventurous... :P

However we can't go on without having fun all along.
They are my best friends during this trip.
Hsu Mun from Myamar , and Ha Bui from Hanoi.

This is the part I love the most "Group Photo"
Again for remembrance and good happy memory .

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Well done, Leeda. :)