Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome New Da Mac pro

"Thursday, September 23, 2010 12:26 PM"
is the date Maccy <> came into my family as my early Birthday Gift that was planned to be given to me since last year by Honey.

It was hard @ first , But now It works perfectly well and has become very good member .
Thanks to Honey Luy due to his hard work in installing programs and fixing all khmer fonts and keyboard.

Honey likes it very much as he could spend aaaaaaall day exploring new tricks and funs with Mac .
For me , I like to play with design programs more than to work with it .
cuz all of my works have to deal with Khmer Unicode most of the time .. Web browsing , and typing khmer unicode , and Limon.
at first, the purpose of buying Maccy is to bring it to Hanoi with me to ease my work .
However by the time I had to go to work in Hanoi, Khmer Unicode still didn't work well as Honey had also been quite busy with works and had no time to fix the Khmer Unicode and Limon keyboard .
So finally I had to force myself to give up on Maccy and brought Blackie instead , like we exchanged laptop to use .
It must be hard for honey during his busy mission in Korea as he also had mission to finish fixing Khmer Unicode Keyboard on my Maccy .
Now It has been my good friend ever since all the troubles with typing and viewing were fixed by my lovely Honey .
I owed a lot to him.
Now I'm saving hard to preparing him a big surprised gift too for his upcoming birthday ;)


LPP said...

Good for you having such a good hubby. Enjoy ur maccy and keep me posted about the surprise!!! lolz

Phossdey said...

This is another sweet moment. Glad to be shared :)