Friday, June 29, 2007

Best friend farewell ..

at Airport on June 24 2007 at 7.30pm
all my best frns went there to see Kaly off , i'm sure u guyz no where kaly has gone to... we had lot of fun taking photo...We all photo-worm Lolz....
somebody say they hoped not each of us had one camera..
whenever we taking photo , we call it the moment of being superstar... haha

you no where is me? i always try to be in the middle.. lol..

everyone having big smile on their davy is so cute.. kaly, well needless to say c always cute.. D is so handsome, Cheat at the right side is also looked sweet :)

me, well haha. . . i dare not to praise myself but i don look bad too right ? hehe.. so u think??..

Big thank to Tola for taking me dis beautiful photo..

wow, Touch is so apealing in dis pic.. i think..

behind the scene ...ketya and phors.. my frns are so cute and pretty even they are not infront for the camera..Where is me? oh yes cuz m taking dis photo so i don appear in dis pic..

>>> End <<<


Ms. K said...

miss u guys nas

ឈរ រ៉ាណ said...

Have a good trip !!

ឈរ រ៉ាណ said...

Oops! a big heart

dleeda said...

dis big heart is here for a long time ah.. how come u just c.. it goes to all my dearest friend... and views lolzz

Trisha said...

I love your pictures! It looks like you and your friends are always having so much fun! I can't wait you meet you- I hope you didn't forget about me! I will be coming to live with you in just 5 months! I'm so excited. I'm sending you and your family a post card today :)