Saturday, July 14, 2007


what did you do on the 07 july, 2007 ??
this is my hands look at de ring in my finger...

basically i went out to have breakfast with some friends..
after eating v just talked and torn papers for fun haha...

This is my creation..
The worst among my friends...
i couldn't even shapped a sparrow but that time i was taught.. hehe..
m quick so i learnt fast..


Ms. K said...

who taught u? i thought u knew how to make this already. I remember showing u how to do it. :p

Anyway, is it at TN? who did you go with? I MISS IT :-(

Hyena said...

No need to write in Khmer, i know Chap is sparrow


Cambodia said...

You're beautiful, did you know?

Cambodia said...

You're really beautiful, did you know?

Write to me at:

Toul Tompong Guy.

dleeda said...

yes dear... i no how to shape but then i forget.. until somebody remind me a bit... right at TN with Twin chhorng and Nak... it's was great moment V al miss you too

Phossdey said...

hahaha i wanna laugh with what Thorn just said.

Alright, i love that time. I miss you guys. Oh god, cannot wait to go back home.

Hye, someone is admiring you! kekeke

Sovanna Phum said...

Hey:) leeda, can you please teach me how to do it?