Friday, July 20, 2007

Blog Workshop

on 17th july 2007 There was a workship at Mekong University and i volunteered to be presenter in that occasion.The overall objective of the workshop is about What is internet including how to access and creating blog. Basically there are people from City link came to help alot.And i presented about how to creat blog/how to create peronsal journal on internet.

I felt so excited for a whole show as there were many participants. I'm really thankfull to my whole team for giving me chance to participate.I felt that the whole team as well as the people from City Link had done their works well except me...i don no.. .It's such a good inspiration for me to be part of it.This is my first time, I hope there are room for me to improve.

All in all, the workshop is priceless experience for me and i hope every participant surely get there personal journal on internet now;)... m looking forwards to see it.

PS: there are pic taken during workshop but i was too bz so i didn't take pic in my camera That 's why now i have no pic to post.. but m asking for photo from my team now.. i hope they give me soon so i can post it here... wel.. let c ah.... what a shame.. I'm so careless....


Vandy said...

Hello D.J!...look really young!..hehe.

Phossdey said...

wow! sounds great huh? hehehe