Saturday, July 28, 2007

New No Means No Promotion

What you think??????......
Please have comment on it .... so we try to improve the quality of promotion :) thank you in advance na all my dears
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Poch! said...

Hi DJ,

It looks nice, but it doesn't contain any pictures to show me the purpose of the PROGRAM Te Kir Te? Pictures mean more than words so I think it's better to make people who see the promotion, and can easily understand what it's for?

Ah! anyway, it's a good design! But I want better!

Phossdey said...

let's me say it. I think the color of the letters are not matched with the photos. I mean, add the color and make it look more new. I feel it's little old style. (no offend) kekeke

After all, it's a lovely thing!

dleeda said...

you right.. now m thinking for the better...:)