Saturday, January 26, 2008

Bott's Red Birthday Party

Theme of the party is Red
So every guest was infromed to wear red dress.
Noticeably,i had my old red dress but it was too simple, so i added a bit of style , cuz i was in no time to buy new one॥

I made my day somehow i feel like my design isn't really impressive.. no one said i was beautiful in the party haha.. but i don't ask much it's ok as long as i didn't look too different from the rest

i feel like i'm kind of person wearing anything still look all the same

Brotherhood went on stage telling about history of how they got to know each other and finally became brothers, It was funy to me..I just felt like Oh oh.. sth like dis really exist lolzzz
it's a testimonial-reading-time।
we wrote what we think of him, i feel like only his family and relatives said he really good son or brother haha॥

Actually he isn't dat bad like people think॥ most testimonials written in the playful ways though। What i wrote about him was a serious criticizm lolz ..

Friend in my table.
My brother , Trisha, Touch, Kompheak, and Ketya
it's a bit dark॥ don't remember who took dis poor Quality Photo।

Me, Touch, and Sister Nina.
Good posing style haha..

Me and Bott,
Ower of the Red Birthday party।

i'm lucky to have chance to take photo with this popular host of the party hehe...Brother To

Trisha is so joyfull. I'm glad she enjoyed the party
These are me , Kim Nice, and Trisha.



Ms. K said...

ow dear u look sooooooooooooooooo PRETTY! Very creative!!! I love ur style... this is my real buddy ;-)

I miss u... eh but where is Kaun Neang? ah how come Tin doesn't go with u?

TD said...

Hi leeda,

Just happen to see ya blog!!!
Cool in that nice dress.

Take care,


Phossdey said...

Dear! I said you looked beautiful with your fancy dress. Don't remember te eh? hirk hirk ... anyway, glad you stayed for us!!!

domrei said...

My Lady In Red.

Vanak said...

You don't know me but it doesn't matter. If no one had said you were beautiful, and Kalyan says you are "sooo pretty", I'll say you are sweet and SO beautiful. Just take it and keep it.

Charlie -Denith- Samsokrith said...


You have the same idea for my previous RED PARTY.

Anyway, RED is always a good colour to invest in.

Good day Leeda

Happy V-Day

The Dark Prince said...

oh u know bott too? small world mes...

Wanna said...

Seems a bit late, but better than never :p
Happy Belated Birthday to you, Dada!

Phossdey said...

You!!!!!!!!! You got engaged! Congratulation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SAMBO Samphors said...

Hey, happy belated birthday and CONGRATS on your special day tmr.

Miss and Love,

khmerization said...

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