Monday, January 21, 2008

Sunday Bowling

Yesterday i played bowling with 4 cute friends. It was fun as usual.
I slept in de afternoon n got up late.. I went there 30mn late. As i rushed to go, i 4got to bring my money. Once i got there, i was so thirsty as i ran up de stair. I realised dat i left money home when i searched 4money to buy drink. So i borrowed my fr to buy drink then hired bowling trainers or even to bet.. Hehe.. So embarrassed.

There were 2games. Though I lost de first game , i won de second.. It was GREAT,though i believe Bot didn't intentionally do his best.

But cuz of winning de bet, i could pay off my debt ha..

It's a history for me to win de game ;) n i highly appreciate every1 there.. V played individually unlike v ever done b4. But i stil cheered for my friends..

Still i believe my ability is really unstable.. Haha

Wat i learnt from dat day is dat i have to b careful even i'm in rush.. It's really embarrassed to borrow money from ppl around.

In short, i miss other friends who used to play bowling wit me, but couldn't join us yesterday.


Phossdey said...

That's alright that's just one in a while. lolz

Ms. K said...

ha u always like that.. anyway congrats to hear u finally win, dear. i miss u

domrei said...

You didn't message me about the bowling :-(