Thursday, January 17, 2008


It's been a while.. I've been busy since ...2weeks i guess.
Hmmm.. Forgot to inform some friends about playing bowling last week..Sorry guys :) it came urgently even i wasn't wel prepare..

There were 3teams, de competition was serious Like there's no tomorrow Ha..

I did a good job.others in my team also played good. But too bad, while v just played good dat team unreasonably played great, so they incredibly won by few scores's so bitter..

It really discouraging that de second round V went suck..

however it was Super Fun than usual.. It was a kind of bloody competition.. Ha.

I feel like i have to take serious action.. N show ppl wat i can.. Laughing too much at work just bring me down.. I just apply to my situation not generalize.. :)

Usually if sth wrong happen or any1 around me disappointed , i'l smilingly say dat "Mayb tomorrow u wil think differently, u'l happy, feel better, do better ...."

Then.. Next day i'l go to ask them if they feel better yet?..if they say "YES" i'l reflectively say "c ? It really true"..if they say "NO" I'L say de same line dat i mention b4 about "tomorrow... "..haha..

Haha.. I'm not helpful at al..
Actually i just don no how to comfort ppl..

I feel like i also don no how to LOVE someone....

.... I'm so Stupid.


domrei said...

The bowling would had been more fun with me there!

Please let us know early.

Ms. K said...

fun fun! i miss u guys.

oh who is domrei?

Phossdey said...

maybe you are right, Domrei! Come and join next time.