Sunday, January 2, 2011

Early 2011 Lovely Gifts

At least I received some sweet gifts from Honey this year .
It was sweet enough for my new year 2011.
These 2 gifts came to me in 25th Dec.
This year 2010- 2011 , I didn't have any good countdown time.
My honey told me that "Any moment can be special, as long as we make it special "
as He was very tired to accompany me countdown .
It's ok 'cuz i'm not young girl anymore . I know i have to learn to be serious..
life isn' just about doing sth happy happy but also sth meaningful and useful :)
it's like making good preparation for future ,
what sometimes cost sweat and tears .

M y N e w Y e a r Gift 2011 .
I feel this one is also my upcoming Birthday Gift for this year. (haha..)

This is gift from Honey from Shenzen .
love the slogan " Now your charm can be expressed " .

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