Friday, January 7, 2011

Special Radio Show on 31st Dec 2010 on FM102 for New Year 2011

on 31st December 2010, the last day of 2010 .
While some people were starting to relax and prepare to enjoy new year 2011 , staffs at WMC were still working very hard on various programs . We all gathered together to produce a light hearted radio special programs hoping it would bring audience a relaxing and intimate feeling towards us as their best friend. This special program ran full length of 2 hours allowing all staffs from the 3 departments to be on air to greet and wish our audiences to be prosperous and healthy esp thanking for all the supports so far. Each team had time limited so we all rushed in and out one after another , and I was there as photographer of the whole show. My camera was so heavy normally I complained a lot, yet that time i just simply enjoyed the moment and forgot to care about its weight.

Staffs in the studio waiting for their turns

m calling back to audience and connect them to be on air..

while I am editing sound in computer

Mr Pov Sok is on air .

Mr Sovann and Siphay .

Station Manager , Nek Ming Soviry is giving her very intellectual speech to audience about vision of Women's Media Center of Cambodia.

While I was on air .. (I really didn't remember what I said that time..)
It was supposed to be my team of 3 to be on air, But my other 2 team members were all busy that time , so I was the only one in this show to tell audience about my program ..
I was so lonely .. luckily , time fly! :)

Mr Loth and Lim , They are Writer and Reporter for Oh! Men program.

Mr. Sopheaktra, a great operator of our FM 102.
He is fast and creative.. We all like him very much .

a whole Oh! Men Team is here ,They are Mr. Sokeoun , Bunna, Loath , and Lim... I think this team is very popular just like their show , maybe because this show is broadcasted 3 days a week and it's about current issues ..
People like to listen to what is happening in our society these days.

Kapit (The Truth) Team, Mr Neoun and Ms. Napha

Oh ! Men Team..

Malaria Team, they work to raise awareness and prevent Malaria Epidemic in Cambodia .
I think decrease of Malaria Epidemic today is their contribution and efforts :)

Ms. Soka, she is a host of this special New Year show.
Also a team leader of Shared Partner .

Novib Radio Project named "Shared Parter"
This program aims to diminish domestic violence and promote Gender .

Ms Sokunthy , a happy Mother .
She is a producer of " Shared Partner " .

Road of Law Team. it's a law program supported by Danida.
I like this team so much , whenever their program is on aired , i wouldn't do anything but listen to it, it's a bank of knowledge ;)
too bad, the fund is ended now :(

Mr. Leap, is our newly promoted supervisor .
He is tough but warm .

Ms. Kunthea and Kompheak.
Kompheak is like my best friend, she sat next to me everyday .
I like to tease her and make she angry . ha..

Mr Sovann is also one of the great operators .

when mic position isn't in the right spot for the speaker , the sound wont be good , so we have to adjust it.

Li Wen and Mr. Samnang , they are here represent a whole BDER dept .

Director , Nek Ming Neth giving New Year Gift to Ms Manager .
Ming Soviry is very happy and excited , i can tell this from her wide beautiful smile.

our Department also had New Year Present for Director too .
She also was so surprised to see this and she commented a lot on it esp we used her bow to wrap it.

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