Friday, January 14, 2011

Found the sites of Online photo editor

Recently, just found a cool photo editor program online

so I was a bit crazy over it..

While editing these photo , Honey come and said "Honey ! Do you have a lot much free time ?"

I simply replied "I'm smart so don't need lots of time to do this"

honey said " Then you should spare some more time on ironing my clothes , and arranging my books.. & learning how to cook " and I said "NO!" (T_T) hehe..

Well, i'm not the type of person who love my picture so much, it just happens occasionally that i like to create sth new and fresh for good feeling..

because i usually see this kind of edited photo posted aroud in some website , and I used to be curious how they design it to be like this & I like to dig up what to know

and i found this site

it's online photo editing , it's good place to retouch the photo we love and have fun once in a while (^^)

And this 2 photos below I edited them in

This photo is very old since the times I've just known my honey.
there he secretly took my photo while we waiting for rain to stop.
Later he gave me this when we were together.

I took this photo in Safari World in Jakarta.

Most of photos I edit don't really mean anything deep , just sth to make me feel cute ,fresh ,and good (^^)

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