Friday, January 14, 2011

when i'm bored @ office

I work in Media Field so it requires me a lot to write , read , & research endlessly..
It's important that i have to make myself refresh and be creative everyday..
So i like to talk a lot with people around me hoping i can learn sth from them..
at office , i usually have conversation with my colleagues and they also like to talk with me :)
there are are lot of talks , teases , and mocks going around my office..
Recently , I take a break from work and start to relax & enjoy quiet simple student life..
It's actually a right time for vocation from work as my study is now in the mid term period, i'm hoping i can earn A grade as I put my all in it

However I now miss my office so much , hope the new project is coming and i can go back ^^
some activities i like to do in my office :

When i can't think of anything to write or i run out of idea , I like to play with my laptop / desktop ..and touch my hair

When I feel stressful i like to go to Newsroom so called " Peaceful Island" named by me :D

there is quiet/peaceful.. and have loads of newspapers to read and have people to talk to ..

I like to make a thoughtful expression, like i am now thinking about sth very serious/ or useful..though sometimes sth like that really pop up my mind by doing this .

drinking coffee in the morning after breakfast can keep me active a whole day.

I only drink Latte without sugar , while Honey drink Americano without sugar (impressive! though a bit concern about his health )

I know i gotta quit drinking it when m preparing to have baby :)

Whenever i feel down at work or ran out of idea, i also i can chat online with Honey as his Google account is online a whole time..

i can share him my problems and obstacles , and he usually says things to encourage me , or help me to find solutions :)

He is not just Honey , but also a good consultant & teacher..

so far all his advices help me to make my days .

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